Less is more

SO Winter 2013

I was explaining our Scotland Outdoors subscriber cover to someone recently, and they had never even heard of the concept. In a nutshell, we design a retail cover, with barcode, cover lines and eye-catching cover image to help us stand out on the crowded newsstand. Continue reading ‘Less is more’

John Muir Trust


We’re very proud of our work on the Journal for the John Muir Trust, and this little lot should be arriving through your letterbox pretty soon if you’re a member.

Top Shop magalogue

Top Shop

The latest retail outlet to get into print is High Street behemoth, Top Shop, with this quality free magazine that allows you to buy and see additional content by scanning pages with their own app (see because magazine).

I guess Redwood were one of the pioneers of this ‘magalogue’ publishing over 25 years ago when they launched M&S magazine for Marks & Spencer.

Life, but not as we know it (if we only read the gossip mags)

IL current

People who don’t read magazines often dismiss them as mindless gossip vehicles, confusing one sector of a very diverse market with the market as a whole. They’ve clearly never ventured to the deep end of the periodical pool – and that pool doesn’t get much deeper than Intelligent Life. Continue reading ‘Life, but not as we know it (if we only read the gossip mags)’

Unlimited magazine up for an award!

unlimited cover 2

Looks like all our hard work on Unlimited magazine for PPA Scotland paid off! It is shortlisted in the “Best One-Off Publication” category of the IOIC Scotland Awards! Register on the Unlimited site to get your free copy…

Christmas covers #4

sos santa web

Before CMYK, I worked at Scotland on Sunday newspaper as the design editor. One of my favourite parts about the job was getting to work with some super-talented illustrators. Sadly, not something you see a lot of in newspapers in general.

Here’s a great front page from 1995, when Spectrum was a broadsheet (as opposed to a magazine). We could get really playful with the imagery as we had so much space! Illustration by Ali Scott.